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Olymp Trade - Online Trading 4+

Trading app by a world-class broker. More than 80 most popular assets, demo account training, outstanding service and multilingual support 24/7.

Olymp Trade is an international broker that provides its users access to 100+ financial instruments on its platform. With this trading app, you will be able to become one of our successful traders, using your smartphone to trade, train, and analyze the market.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface of our mobile trading app allows you to easily find and use indicators and analytical tools to 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 make winning trades. Choose the type of asset you prefer, there are a few examples of them:
● Stocks: Apple, Tesla, Google
● Indices: S&P500, Dow Jones
● Metals: Gold, Silver
● Commodities: Brent, Natural Gas
● ETF and many other assets are available for trading.

A special training account will help you learn how to trade online without risking your funds. All registered users get access to 10,000 units on a demo account, which they can always reset. You can switch to a live account, deposit funds into it, and trade whenever you want.

Olymp Trade hosts regular tournaments, allowing you to test your mettle against 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 traders from all across the globe in order to win grand prizes. On our platform, you’ll be able to attend both regular weekly tournaments, as well as competitions devoted to special occasions.

Our trading platform provides education in the form of courses, webinars, trading 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 strategies, analytics, and news that will be helpful to both novices and experts. You can achieve the more advanced materials and tools by getting XP for Trader’s Way and leveling up your account. Get investing advice and tips from professional analysts for free!

Each of our traders can get an exclusive status that enables them to trade on special terms, and consult a personal manager. With Olymp Trade, you become a member of the international trading community. Take part in regular contests and tournaments to get valuable prizes and gifts!

Our technical support team operates 24/7. You can contact them through email, a chat service, or even via a voice call to get prompt help with your issue or advice from our specialists. We care about every client and it is our goal to resolve any problem should it occur.

A new mode on our platform that submerges traders in the workings of a stock market. Trade assets that follow the stocks' quote prices online, giving you an opportunity for more profit. Learn more about the inner workings of stock exchanges and their benefits with us.

A new exciting trading experience, quickler is a unique trading instrument created to be an ideal choice for fast-paced trading. Its pricing is derived from the vast list of our platform’s assets, so it basically functions similarly to a market volatility index.

A special loyalty program that rewards you for trading online with us. You can earn XP and level up your account, unlocking new tools and receiving different rewards. With enough XP, you will be able to increase your account’s status, getting even more 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 benefits to enhance your trading experience.

You can complete daily tasks to earn more XP for your account and to receive more rewards on Trader’s Way. Dailies are a great way to speed up leveling, as you get XP both for achieving set goals and for completing individual trades.

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Aarki’s User Acquisition Campaign

T he Olymp Trade company has been one of the leading online brokers since 2014. The 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 platform interface is localized into 13 languages. The developers, financial experts, personal, and support managers of the Olymp Trade are making every effort to make the trading more comfortable and profitable year after year.

Armed 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 with the belief that money has gone mobile, and that a growing number of users are using mobile finance apps to do much more than spend and send money, the company decided to team up with Aarki to attract new users for their Olymp Trade app. The main objective of this partnership was to achieve the goal of a high First Time Deposit (FTD) rate at an optimal Cost Per Install (CPI).

The Solution

The collaboration between Olymp Trade and Aarki began with leveraging their first-party data to develop custom machine learning models optimized to increase install volume. To ensure success, we used our deep category expertise to build appealing creatives specifically tailored to the interests of the target audiences.

Install Optimization Phase

In the first phase of our campaign, we gained a deep understanding of the app’s users’ performance to inform our prediction model. On day ten of the campaign, our team kicked off the Install Optimization 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 Phase with the objective of delivering a reasonable CPI and establishing volume for further analysis. As the campaign ran, increasing amounts of data points were collected. After the data collection process, the models improved their learning and accuracy. Thus, over time, the install rate became closer to the (predicted) install probability.

Predicted Probability vs. Install Rates

OlympTrade Results 02

Creative Optimization Phase

Creative research was our next focus area. Creative plays a crucial role in running a successful campaign, so we analyzed Olymp Trade ’s website and app store pages in search of special app events, new features and updates. We also iterated on the app’s creative assets based on the most compelling app features . We leveraged our deep category expertise and our creative research 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 and designed relevant ads to attract high-quality audiences and en courage them to use the app.

Successful strategies included focusing on the cryptocurrency features of the app to attract new users, and letting the features speak for themselves. The creative displayed a search bar on the screen typing out the phrase “Trade on Crypto” . Our creative team added background shifts to a blue grid to emulate the feel of a stock exchange together with the logos of different cryptocurrencies appearing as a line graph on the rise. Simple animation was also added to make the 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 creatives more appealing. We also designed conceptual, character, and text-based ad creatives 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 conveying more generic messages.

As we continued our campaign, our in-house creative team reaped the benefits of multivariate testing, analyzing whether a more generic trading message performed better as compared to a focused message on a specific investment. In this way we identified “champion” and “challenger” creatives and repeatedly set new challengers for the champion creative to ensure that the winning creative did not become outdated.



当我注意到某个方向正在发生变化的那一刻到了。 每当我做了四件事想与您分享时,我的交易就成功了。 如果仅我忽略了其中一件事情,我将蒙受损失。 我相信这些是我成功的四个秘密步骤 Olymp Trade.


每当我想查看该策略是否有效时,我都会转到一个模拟账户。 我不止一次尝试特定的策略。 而且只有在我确定它能按预期运行之后,我才会转到真实帐户并在其中使用给定的策略。

此外,我将不仅尝试实践帐户中的策略,而且尝试不同的金融工具或单个交易的投资额。 我练习,尝试不同的可能性,当我知道什么有效,什么无效时,我切换到真实帐户。 我毫不犹豫地选择了市场,战略和投资额。

模拟账户 olymp trade

许多新手交易商将练习账户用作游乐场。 他们投入大量资金,使用随机策略,但考虑不多。 毕竟不是他们的钱。 但这是错误的。 不要习惯这种想法。 像对待真实账户一样对待模拟账户。 否则,将来可能会浪费您的真钱。

以真实的方式使用模拟帐户可以增强您的信心和信任。 它可以帮助您区分好举和坏举,了解有效的策略,并成为 信心 它也将在实际市场上运行。

我的建议是花费相当长的时间进行培训。 想象你是一名运动员。 在准备展示自己的技能之前,您需要在健身房花费数小时。 无论您输赢了,都可以回到训练中。

您应该在交易领域中做同样的事情。 好消息是,有一个免费的模拟帐户 Olymp Trade.


当然, 在82分钟内完成1%的投资非常诱人。 甚至想到这么快的钱也会让你微笑。 但是你看,有一个问题。 关于 Olymp Trade 的详细回顾 60秒是如此之短,但又如此之长。 您会感到焦虑和恐惧。 这些情绪正在剥夺您的理性思维,并使您变得脆弱。

在短短60秒内赚取可观的利润会使您过于自信。 因此,您可能会认为自己找到了赚大钱的简便方法,并且会在一次交易中投入越来越多的钱。 这是一种非常简单的方法,可以消除您以前的所有利润。 或者更糟。


另一方面,较长时间范围内的价格波动并不是那么严重,以至于您失去了一切。 价格将在短期或长期内不断变化。 但是,使用较长的时间范围时,更容易分析市场并预测其发展方向。


每个交易者的主要原则是最大程度地减少损失并最大化获利。 当您有机会回顾过去的交易时,它将变得更加容易。 第一批交易员持有手写交易记录。 他们每天都在检查哪笔交易带来了利润,哪笔亏损了。

好消息? 您不需要这样做。 Olymp Trade 提供了一个名为“交易”的工具,您可以在其中查看过去交易的全部历史记录。


现在,您可以从交易历史中得出什么? 首先,如果您在该特定日期获利或亏损。 其次,金融工具产生了最多的获利交易。 然后,哪种策略最有效,什么时候您进行了最佳投资。 例如,您可以在对EUR / USD货币对进行蜡烛交易期间发现,您在上午10点到上午11点之间会收到最高的支出。 并感谢您掌握了这些信息 何时交易该特定货币对.


我必须承认。 它不起作用。 最后,我损失了超过80%的钱,我对自己说,有些事情必须改变。 我开始遵循成功的投资者的步骤,发现他们都有一个 交易计划。 那正是我所缺少的。


首先要做的是指定您要花费的时间 Olymp Trade 模拟账户。 我决定要三个星期。 应该足够长的时间来找出哪个市场,什么时候为我带来最高的利润。 另一件事是设定您准备投入交易的金额。

如前所述,回顾交易历史非常重要。 我分析了每笔交易。 我写了自己的详细日志,其中指定了使用的时间,策略,指标,工具和时间表。

  • 我存入存款的金额
  • 我单笔交易将投资的金额
  • 大体时间
  • 我将使用的图表和指标
  • 我会进行交易的市场和时间
  • 停止交易的时间(对我来说,这是3随后的亏损交易)
  • 提取利润的那一刻和我要提取的帐户余额的百分比。

这只是一个简单的例子 赚钱计划。 我建议您创建最适合您的交易风格的交易。 最重要的是,请确保您遵循赚钱计划。

您交易了多长时间 Olymp Trade 您的结果如何? 如果您尚未打开 Olymp Trade 帐户, 今天开设一个模拟账户 并尝试我的4个秘密。 在下面的评论部分分享您的发现。